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Should You Loc Your Child’s Hair?

Locs have a major presence in the Natural Hair community! Women and men are enjoying the freedom and flexibility Locs have to offer. When I wanted to begin my loc journey I was asked my thoughts on how I would be perceived with my new hair choice. Now that my Locs are flourishing I’m constantly asked if I will loc my child’s hair when I’m blessed to have one!

Averi had traditional Locs. This beautiful young lady is a challenge! At the beginning of her loc journey, she was not on board! She decided she wanted to loc her hair, but didn’t realize they were a permanent solution. My challenge with Averi was making her love her Locs as much as I do! Averi decided to comb her locs out Summer 2021. When she made this decision, I had a consultation with Averi and her mom to give her all the information she would need to make an informed choice. We discussed what her natural hair journey would look like going forward and gave her all the options she could look forward to with loose natural hair. Averi is still a challenge! She's going through the highs and lows of learning how to best care for her loose natural hair. At Naturally Rowe™ we are always available to guide her through her hair journey.

If you’re thinking of starting your child’s loc journey here are some things to consider :

  • Try them out by getting a double strand twists style or coil style. Leave them in for 2-3 weeks. If they have no complaints you know they’re serious

  • Show them different kid loc styles and options. Include them in the journey of what they want their Locs to look like

  • Make sure they understand they are permanent! This will save you and your pocket from any distress!

What are your thoughts on kids with locs? Let us know in the comments!

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