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My First Solo Showcase!!! (RAWartist)

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

On my vision board, I said I wanted to be a "quiet storm". With this showcase, my storm would no longer be silent.

It’s been a year since I participated in my first solo showcase!

In the summer of 2019 I decided to get loud. I decided I wanted to focus on my social media footprint and get my work out there for the world to see. I hired an amazing young lady fresh out of college with a marketing degree to take over my social media outlets. After working at the salon for 3 years and growing my clientele, I felt I was truly ready to let the world really see my work. I wanted to expand my reach while letting the world have a glimpse into my world as a stylist.

One day I received a email from RAWartist. They noticed my work via instagram and wanted to invite me to participate in a artist showcase. RAWartist spotlights independent talent in visual art, film, fashion and accessories design, music, performance art, beauty, crafts, tech and photography. They produce showcases in 70+ cities around the globe and they were inviting me to showcase my work!

I found myself again very excited....and nervous!!! Could I pull this off???!!! I consulted my mentors and boss ladies for their opinion. They quickly told me to go for it!

I immediately started planning. What did I want my work to say and represent? I instantly thought of who and what I am: A Phenomenally Black Woman!

My models represented all the things I love: Natural Hair. They comprised of 2 Sisterlock® models, 2 traditional locs models, and 1 loose natural hair model. The shirts were purchased from the Phenomenal Woman Action campaign, which is inspired by the amazing Maya Angelou's "Phenomenal Woman" poem and brings awareness to social causes. Their proceeds support Essie Justice Group, TGI Justice, Higher Heights and other nonprofits that help women of color. I had them distressed and customized by Latroy D. Hampton of 2wentyCeven Clothing™, a black local fashion designer.

It was the best feeling ever to watch my models hit the runway!

What was also amazing was the love and support I received from my family, friends, and clients!

Each color my models wore had a meaning. Robin wore Red which was for heart disease. My sister is an amazing black woman and survivor of heart disease. Erin wore Pink in her hair and accessories. She was a visual representation of Breast Cancer to which I know many loved ones and clients who have survived and are currently fighting. Lauren wore Purple the color for Pancreatic Cancer awareness. My dear aunt Valerie Rowe-Jackson lost her fight to this disease. Jamel and Pamela wore silver and gold which represented the royalty of black men and women.

Through this experience I learned what I was capable of. It was a true testament to all the work I put in with my clients. Through being their stylist I learned so much on how to style natural hair and locs. Most importantly I did it my way. I loved everything about my showcase and the experience it brought me.

Every year at Lucky You we begin the year with a vision board party. On my vision board I said I wanted to be a “quiet storm”. With this showcase, I realized my storm would no longer be silent. I’m finally ready to step out and let my storm be heard!

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