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Salon Policy

Thank you for allowing Naturally Rowe™ LLC to be your hair care provider, educator and/or Certified Sisterlocks™ Consultant. We are excited to be on this journey with you! Naturally Rowe LLC seeks to educate clients on the right steps to achieve healthy natural hair. We strive consistently to do what’s right to help you reach your hair goals! In the next few pages, you will find detailed information about the salon’s policy, services, and prices. If there are any questions/concerns or if you need clarification please feel free to ask! 

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New Clients Consultations are required for all new clients PRIOR to receiving and booking services. All new clients will be required to put down a nonrefundable payment deposit of half of the quoted service price for their first appointment. This deposit will go towards the appointment, and at the time of your appointment the remainder will be due (unless paid in full). In case you may need to reschedule, the deposit will hold your appointment up to one reschedule, providing the appointment is cancelled within a reasonable time (48 hours minimum). After that, you will forfeit your deposit and may need to put down another deposit before making another appointment. In the event your stylist cannot do your hair, we will attempt to accommodate you in the best way possible, such as booking for another available day. If none of these options work, then we will refund your deposit.


Consultations are required prior to service to examine your hair, determine your hair needs and goals, as well as ensure you and your stylist are on the same page. Consultation fees are not applied to your future appointment. Same day consultation and service will only occur if the service you require meets the timeframe the stylist has available and is not guaranteed.

Prior to Appointment We recommend that you reference pictures as ideas to achieve a desired look instead of requesting exactly what is in the picture. This will help avoid dissatisfaction. Please realize that even when duplicated, a style will vary due to facial shape, hair texture, density, length etc. .... therefore each style looks different on different people. Hair needs to be free of braids/twist and thoroughly combed/detangled prior to appointment. If NOT, a takeout FEE will be applied to service. At worst, service may need to be rescheduled if it will interfere with other scheduled appointments.

Late, Cancellation, and No Show At Naturally Rowe, your time is very precious and so is ours. We strive to be on time and time efficient, all while providing you the best quality service. We ask that you be on time to your appointments as well. However, we do understand that problems might occur that can cause you to be late. In the event that an issue occurs we ask you to give us a courtesy call to inform us. Every client is given a 15 minute grace period. After 15 minutes (especially if it will interfere with another scheduled appointment) you will be asked to reschedule. Appointment reminders are sent out a week advance via email and text before your scheduled appointment. If appointment is not confirmed, your stylist will make multiple attempts to contact you to confirm. Failure to make contact to confirm appointment may result in your appointment being cancelled. To avoid a cancellation fee please give a 48 hour notice (during business hours). This will give someone else the opportunity to use this time slot if you are unable to make your appointment. We also understand circumstances may occur at the last minute that will prevent you from coming to your appointment. It is your job to let us know as soon as possible. Cancellation fees start at half the cost of service, when the appointment is not cancelled within a reasonable amount of time. No Show fees can range from half of your service to the full price of the service. A no show made during normal business hours will result in a fee half of the service price. A no show made outside of normal business hours will result in a fee full price of the service that was intended to be received. The cancellation/no show fee must be collected before services at Naturally Rowe can be continued. If this becomes a pattern, then you may be asked to pay in full or put down a deposit for a future appointment. A worst case scenario will be you are no longer able to receive services at Naturally Rowe. Please understand Naturally Rowe is a professional business operating on professional standards, with professional clients. There will be no exceptions.

Inclement Weather/ Stylist Cancellation In the event the salon closes for inclement weather your appointment will be rescheduled with top priority. Please be mindful when events like this occur, rescheduling slots may be limited so a prompt response is appreciated. Your stylist may have circumstances arrive that make them unable to come into the salon. In the event your stylist needs to reschedule your appointment for any reason the first step will be to reschedule the next available date. If none of those dates work then another stylist will be recommended.

Last Minute Service Change (Increase or Decrease) Again, appointment reminders are sent out 7 days before your scheduled appointment. If you would like to add on a service to your appointment that was not originally scheduled, then it is your responsibility to make that request prior to your appointment. Due to busy schedules your stylist may not be able to accommodate add on services. Adding a note in online booking to add on a service is not the proper way to schedule and does not guarantee it will be accommodated. Appointment scheduling is based on services performed. Consideration should be given to your stylist’s schedule and a 48 hour window for any style change request that results in a decrease/increase of initial services. Failure to do so can result in a price change and/or rescheduled appointment and Fee.

Business Hours Business hours are Tuesday- Friday 9am- 5pm, Saturday 8am- 3pm, and closed on Sundays- Mondays. Naturally Rowe strives to accommodate everyone and their schedules. An additional fee starting at $15 will be added to the service when appointments are made outside of business hours ( ie appointments after 5pm and/or appointments made on Sunday or Monday).

Children Naturally Rowe wants to provide a pleasant experience for everyone in the building. For your safety as well as others, we ask that you do not bring your children with you unless they are being serviced. Showing up with your children may result in rescheduling your appointment if they cause disruption to the rest of the salon. Also, if your child is with you please keep in mind that certain style services may be limited as it may require you to sit under the dryer for a longer period of time where space is extremely limited. In a case like this, you may be asked to schedule your styling appointment for another day.

Children Drop Off/Pick Up We understand as a parent/guardian you may have a busy schedule. Therefore, it is okay for your child (being serviced) to be dropped off for their appointment. However, we do ask you are back on time to pick up your child. Before leaving your child, your stylist will give you a completion time. If your stylist runs behind schedule, he/she will give you a 30 min heads up call to inform you. We ask that you be on time to pick up your child. If you are late picking up your child there will be an additional fee of $10-15 added to service.

Refunds Naturally Rowe strives to provide the best quality service to you. Therefore, there will be no refunds under any circumstance. If there is a problem with your service, you are to pull your stylist to the side quietly/respectfully her know before you leave the salon or during the service. During this time it will be determined where we lacked communication for the service and try to figure out a solution.

Pricing A number of factors go into determining the price of a service. Style desired, condition of hair and length/density of hair are the other factors that also determine prices. During your consultation you will receive accurate pricing based on service. 

Sisterlocks & Brotherlocks™ start at $750* for the first 3 inches of hair. There will be a $100 or more per inch charge after 3 inches. The price is determined by the size of lock desired, length and thickness of the hair. A quote* will be given during the time of the consultation. This service is also offered in a package: 

1. You will receive a free consultation. Test-locks will be placed in your hair up to two weeks prior to your establishment date. The only time money will be collected from this is to put a nonrefundable deposit of half down for the establishment date. Payment plans are available if installation is scheduled far in advance. 

2. Once your Sisterlocks/Brotherlocks™ are installed, you will receive a free starter kit when available from Sisterlocks™. 3. Your first re-tighten visit is free (providing you have followed your stylist’s directions and are within your time frame). Maintenance on this service starts at $125 for normal size and $150+ for micros flat rate* providing your hair has been kept up. You will have your own special max out time frame (which will be noted on the client form) on how long you can go in between appointments. Failure to abide by your time frame will result in an increase of price. Doubling up on your max out time frame means a minimum double the cost of your service. For example, if your max out is 4 weeks and you go 8 weeks, then instead of paying $125 you will most likely be charged $250+. Keep in mind that it takes 2 inches of hair to start Sisterlocks/Brotherlocks™. If you have gone too long without maintenance and you have 2 inches or more of new growth/slippage then you automatically enter into the repair fee for maintenance. Repair maintenance will start at $300+. A direct quote* will be decided during a consultation prior to appointment. *The starting price on Sisterlocks/Brotherlocks™ is determined by the consultant providing the service, as well as the maintenance price. *Quotes for starting the installation process or to receive repair maintenance have an expiration date. During the time of your consultation you will be informed how long the price is good for. 

Thank you for taking the time to read our salon policy. We look forward to servicing you! 

The contents of this policy may be changed at any time at the discretion of Salon Owners. All customers will be notified of any changes to the salon policy during time of appointment or via email. *

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