Who is Ashley Rowe?

Updated: Jan 18

I didn't know that this was the beginning of living my best life!

February 29, 2016 was my first day of class at CPCC's first natural hair care certification. When I arrived, I was shaking in my shoes! I was sweaty and nervous! The main question on my mind was:

What am I doing?

  • At this stage I had worked in retail management for 10+ years! This was the world I knew. And I was really good at it! I received many promotions and awards throughout my career. Could I really leave it all behind?

  • I loved doing my own hair and some close friends' hair. Did I have what it takes to be successful at it? Could I really turn my hobby into a career?

  • Would I be any good at it? There were students in my class who were styling and slaying hair for years. Licensing was just a formality for them. I was a complete novice. Did I really possess the talent?

My fears were heightened by family and friends questioning my almost "mid life crisis". Little did I know that day would be the first day of living my best life!

I worked during the day and attended class in the evening. Working the closing shift every weekend for 4+ months to make up for the closings I missed during the week. Leaving class at 9pm and going to work overnight floorsets. I was exhausted! I was determined to never give up!

Through my instructor Latika Mercer, I became a intern at her salon Lucky You. Along with owner Connie Hall, they nurtured and mentored me to success. I went from intern to stylist. I really began to thrive!

I am proud to say I am now a Licensed Natural Hair Care Specialist and Instructor. I am also a Sisterlock® Brand Ambassador and R Certified Consultant. Everyday I wake up blessed to do what I love. I truly believe I'm fulfilling my purpose and calling for my life. I believe every client I have is a true blessing.

You may wonder, "Why should I follow this journey?":

  • I want to inspire others to love their natural hair in all its glory.

  • I want to share with you tips to help you achieve healthy natural hair goals

  • I want to show you the beauty of my loc journey that has given me the freedom to love myself in all my #loccrush #blackgirlmagic

  • Share with you my clients beautiful hair and show the creativity that flows through me

February 29, 2016 was my aunt Valerie Rowe-Jackson's last earthly birthday. I called her before I went into class to wish her a happy birthday. I let her know it was my first day of class and how nervous I was. She told me, "Don't worry, you got this". She was at her chemo appointment on her birthday and she gave me encouragement to pursue my dreams. It has lead me to living daily God's dream for me. Join me on this journey!

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