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Are You Salon Ready?

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Things to ponder before you make a salon appointment

Hair care has been a staple in my life since I was a little girl. With my coarse hair and my mom's inexperience to take it on, she had many different attempts with stylists to tackle my hair. The worst was the Jheri curl. Yes, I had a Jheri curl along with my aunts, mom and cousin! When my hair proceeded to fall out on my pillow my grandmother suggested her sister and daughters to take care of my hair. I come from a lineage of licensed cosmetologists. When my great aunt saw the condition of my hair she told my mom to bring me to her and to leave my hair in their hands. This meant traveling to Columbia SC from Charleston SC on a consistent basis. Of course my hair was back on track with their experienced licensed hands.

Major thanks to Youtube there is a wealth of information on how to maintain your hair on your own. I use the term information, not knowledge as I heard in a discussion over the Thanksgiving holiday that "Knowledge is truth". Just because the information is out there, does not make it true. So as you try out the different Youtube videos and Instagram Reels and you're frustrated on its effectiveness to your hair, you may want to see a stylist for their opinion and technique.

Here are some things to think about before you make your appointment to see a stylist:

  • Research the Stylist Select the stylist based on what your needs and wants are. Do you want someone to maintain your natural hair? Do you want someone experienced in installing a wig unit or sew in without damaging your hair? Are you interested in starting locs, micro locks or Sisterlocks™? Research them by their social media and/or website. Also make sure they are licensed!

  • Research Their Pricing Most stylists have booking sites. On their booking sites you can see what their starting prices are for the service you desire. For the service you will receive look at the starting price to maintain the style. Factor this into your budget. This is very important as you do not want to start something you can not maintain.

  • Read the Salon Policy Before making an appointment with your desired stylist read their salon policy. Make sure you agree with everything the policy states. For example in my salon policy I require a nonrefundable deposit of half the service in order to book the appointment. If you're not comfortable with the policy do not book an appointment.

  • Book A Consultation For my business I require a consultation before booking any service. Consultations are for you and the stylist. It's an opportunity for you to meet the stylist and ask questions pertaining to your needs. It also gives you a chance to see their space, look at their cleanliness, see their license and ensure its not expired, look at their salon rating, and make sure you're comfortable with the environment. A consultation gives the stylist insight to your hair needs and requirements, examine your hair, give their opinion on the state of your hair and what next steps are. This is also a time for stylist and client to see how the energy and vibe is between them. If you and/or the stylist feel a way, do not proceed! Consultations can be free of have a pricing. Even if the stylists you're interested in charges for a consultation I still suggest you have consultations with multiple stylists. You would rather lose out on the charge for a consultation than an unpleasant experience.

Here’s my video on YouTube for a little more details on how to get salon ready!

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