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Before you start your Locs...

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Thinking about starting Locs? Here’s some things to ponder before you do...

Five years ago I decided to get my “forever braids”. I was tired of doing my loose natural hair and wanted permanent freedom. I decided to start Locs after working at my salon and realizing how versatile they are. I’ll never turn back!

If you’re thinking of starting Locs, first I’ll say welcome to an amazing journey! Here are some things to think about if you’re considering Locs:

  • Patience is required! You have to be patient. Your Locs will not be mature in 2 weeks nor overnight! Regardless of the hair beginning the locing process it is still natural hair. Shrinkage is still real! You may not see the length you desire or expect for a while. Relax, be patient and enjoy the experience.

  • Do Your Research! There are many different ways to start your Locs. With traditional Locs you can begin with two strand twists or coils. You can maintenance your traditional Locs with palm roll or interlocking. There’s different parts to start your Locs. You can do precision parts (diamonds, triangles, square) or freestyle parts. You can decide to do Microlocs or Sisterlocks®. No method is better than the next, simply a difference of preference. Do your research so you can make an informed decision on your preference. Just make sure you start the Locs you want!

  • Be Prepared For A Lot of No’s! However you decide to start your Locs it is key to remember they are new and have not locked yet. In the beginning they are fragile. The goal is healthy Locs! Because they start off fragile you want to adapt a less is more approach to not disrupt your locking process. For the first year, at least, you should NOT color your locs. Color is a chemical and could cause your locks to unravel or come apart. I know you may be excited to experiment with all the fun with colors and styles, but be patient while they begin to settle in.

  • Own Your Choice! When I told my family and friends I wanted to start locking my hair, I was met with mixed opinions. I was questioned on how I would be viewed. Locs have not always had a glowing perception. Some view them as unclean and unkept. They thought it was a phase I was going through and what happens when the phase ends. I made my own choice and it has been the best decision I have ever made!

My Locs represents the me I’ve always wanted to be. I have been able to experience a freedom I never knew existed as a black woman. Everyday I live my hair is the last thought on my mind!

What questions do you have about Locs? Leave them in the comments!

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